Sunday, April 7, 2013

Zen and the Art of Virtual Motorcycle Maintenance

Have your attention? Sure I do. (Editor's comment: I'm not sure which of the two bodies above have more mechanics to keep everything going: that bikini top is working overtime, poor thing!)

I got the notion in my noggin that it would be a good idea to try to two-man Ulduar. It was. We didn't get past the Flame Leviathan, but it was a good idea nonetheless. Really! Really, it was! Want to know why? It was fun. And there were motorcycles. And we hopped on them, sped around like crazy, and life was good.

These motorcycles reminded me that Heartichoke, The World's Greatest Moniker for a Green-Haired Gnome Death Knight Ever, had been working on her own engineering skills and reputation with the Alliance Vanguard factions. But then, that thing happened with the pandas, and all the leggy Draeneis ran off to save them, or fight them, depending, and she was left holding the tool bag.

So--it's back to this. This is my project now. I have a lot more to say about 'projects' and motivation, but wanted to cheer up your morning with the image of shiny red choppers and brave bikini tops. I'll keep you posted.!!!

Theme Song: Born to be Wild


  1. Geez Matty, I didn't know you had a motorcycle! Like your ... ah ... shoes!

  2. Those are my riding shoes - lol!


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