Friday, September 2, 2011

I feel pretty...

To keep this little tank motivated, Lupe went window shopping, considering what her valor points would get her.

And I am going to say one of the dorkiest things I have ever said: She. Gets. To. Wear. A. Dress.

Maybe one reason I haven't played my beautiful hunter that much is because she is ever destined to wear the pants in the family. Huntresses never get to wear beautiful robes: they'd get all tangled up in weeds, briars, and restrict movement. And as much as I wish Haanta could wear ermine-lined coats  and riding togs of the richest, crimson velvet, alas, 'tis not meant to be. And I assumed, as with hunters, paladins could never wear robes either.

But...girls can.

Luperci is almost 900 valor points away from this most desired goal. She is sick and tired of being a tomboy. She is all girl, and wants this chest piece. But, unless she can get her tail in a Zul, this will be difficult indeed, and very time-weary. And if the Zuls go like one of her first, only, and recent attempts, Oh, mio Dio~~! Yikes. She will need a raid-ready healer, three amazing weapon masters, and a lot of patience from the group.

But, damn - just LOOK at her - ! How charming would it be to go into a dungeon with this beautiful girl on your arm?

Theme Song: I Enjoy Being A Girl

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