Friday, September 23, 2011

May be an angel, but I ain't no saint.

I am sure many other players are far more logical and predictable, that when they are leveling a character who has two very different sides to their character and class, they balance carefully the talents and skills along the way. I barely remember starting this character, and yet, there she is. Like Luperci, who has been a human and Draenei, Zep tried being a Night Elf once, for a brief time, but it just didn't work. Luperci has only been raised as a protection paladin, and Zep as a holy healer. Her leveling was so fast, that when I took her back to Azuremyst to slay pink elephants, and was shocked to see how much of the territory she had yet to explore in her own backyard. Leveling by healing dungeons was all she knew, and now what I am hoping is that learning to be adequate DPS in Shadow is as intuitive as healing is now. That this spell builds on that one, and in order to get one's wings, need to know when to do this or that. Spent some time looking over characters on the armory, and copied a few recipes down. Time to get cookin'.

But as far as her first set of skills go, she did two heroic Cata dungeons recently, and no one died. She got precipitously close to draining all of her mana, but close is not the same as out. And her true inner beauty is most apparent when she's working the hardest. Like most of us.

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