Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lost in the mail.

This is the only engraved invitation I have ever been in control of. 

It's taken me months to earn an intermittent spot on the ten-man raid team: I am so grateful that the GM is understanding and tolerant of my real-life responsibilities, and when I can go, and there's a spot open, I will go. There are veteran guild members who have been with the guild through much, and their tenure is secure and just.

But how do you explain that to a new guild member, one who thinks they may be, dare I say it, entitled to a spot? Who seek out an invitation, instead of just signing up and taking their chances, or even starting their own raid?

I was just in the process of drafting this post, when a young guild member quit. Took others by surprise, but not me. He had said several times statements such as "Guess I don't get to go," or "I didn't get an invite I guess."

The writing is on the wall in those occasions.

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  1. Anonymous5.10.11

    As an interesting aside there, the (ex-) guild member in question informed the raid leader that he would not be enchanting his gear before he was given a guarantee to a raid spot. This is, in my humble opinion, not the best strategy to convince me to kick out someone I've been raiding with for years on his behalf.


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