Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joker's wild.

From MMO Champion. 

Señor: You must get Chap out of retirment for this. Seriously. Can't you just see that little gnome flying around Stormwind with wings? Hope no one mistakes him for a fruitfly.
Theme song: The Joker/Steve Miller Band


  1. Anonymous25.9.11

    scaaaaaaaary!!is that you? and did you catch a couple fishes and eat them while flying? and why keep the fish skeletons? so many questions!! so many questions!!

  2. If only, my friend...if only. These are new legendary daggers from the upcoming 4.3 patch:

    Since my own rogue is still running around at level 50, and my raiding skills have much to be desired (so much fire! so much lava! wolves on cooldown! NOOOOOOO!) it may not be until patch 7.9 that she gets those daggers. *sigh*

    Good fishermen don't scare the fish away -- and if I wore that fishing I'd better be hunting sharks!

    But--aren't those COOL?!


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