Saturday, September 3, 2011

Say, are you going to the Darkmoon Faire?

The chicken looks great.

The few occassions I stepped into the Darkmoon Faire, I felt disoriented and a little gritty, like I needed to take a shower. With 4.3 on its way, the sense I get is that there is new and more imaginative content overall, that Blizzard is allowing WoW players more options and creative input. In the relatively short time I've been playing, I haven't seen as much excitement from my friends over the transhoopdejoo and other additions.

PsynisterBible of Dreams and Manalicious have put forth their intelligent, charming, and creative thoughts. The ideas are sweet and fun. As I commented (although my comments haven't been showing up --I promise you ladies and gentleman I may be cheesy, but I am not spam!), there is a darker side to carnivals: hope my little Zeptepi doesn't run off with a carnie. It could be all Katherine Dunn Geek Love-ish, and really freak us all out.

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