Thursday, September 22, 2011

In the shadows.

In the blink of a gnome mage, Zeptepi reached Level 85 it seemed. She did not do this alone, far from it. In my small but loyal group of friends I have made in Azeroth, two in particular had genuine sincere interest in helping her. Their generosity of time, materials, advice, and gentle nudging along made playing her as shadow/holy so enjoyable. In fact, I am so used to their presence, be it in the game or as a voice I know well from our long game friendship, that when they are not 'there' at Zep's side in particular, I feel a little bit off. Now, to be sure, she is a hot mess. She has her intelligence and spirit smeared thin all over the place, and I am sure her talent trees need some hefty pruning. Her shoulders are shoddy, her dreamcloth is used up, and damn, that belt makes her look fat.

But she now has Leap of Faith. If anyone needs to be pulled from the fire, they may have to wait their turn, however. She is not planning on wasting this on lemmings. This is for the truly faithful.

P.S. Señor, the line about putting out mana totems really helped tonight. Gracias de nuevo.


  1. Anonymous23.9.11

    felicitaciones senorita!! one question: where is that back armor from zul'gurub that you kept for zep? donde esta? donde esta?(yeah, you better start looking for it)and as a shadow, try to get evangelism and archangel(good stuff,good stuff)gratz again miss.

  2. Uh.....uh....frantically looks in the closet for that back armor...wondering what she did with it...remembers one cold morning seeing the bum in Stormwind shivering, and perhaps using it to keep him warm? Yeah...that's it! But, sir, I respecced and have those spells now, and YES! You are so right it's scary. Will post more later.


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