Sunday, September 4, 2011

In plain sight...

Rökkr made it to Level 50. Quietly, the achievements rang to no one's ears. She went into Strathholme, and only due to the great skills of a tank and healer, did she blithely stab a ghoul or two. She had had a few glasses of red wine, and then felt the urge to go stab things. She is going to hang out with the sandy goblins in Tanaris and see what else she can do.


  1. Anonymous4.9.11

    damn it! you don't know how i miss those proud moments of you! gratz senorita, sorry i was not there to pinch you or something or like that!

  2. No worries, my dear friend - just wanted you to know I am doing your guild proud. By the time you get back, it'll be level 25! (Okay, maybe not - that's kind of ambitious...) I really have no clue how to be a rogue, but will get it figured out, I guess!

  3. Anonymous4.9.11

    silly girl! you are already 25! (unless you are talking 25 years old, that would be perfectly understandable :D) and i would think twice to ask for any rogue advice to chap. he just like to run around throwing knives all over the place.(now, that take skills!) gratz again miss.

  4. (wonders to self if her tetanus shot is up to date from the last time she saw Chap...)

  5. Anonymous5.9.11

    ty miss, i needed something to make me smile and that did it :)


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