Friday, September 16, 2011

Drabble: Shadow healer

The stitches become raggedy. This—had been a long week. Zep felt as if small goblins had set up house under her eyes, bringing bags full of rocks, taking souvenirs of sleep. She twisted the silver band around her finger. Every instinct in her wanted to rain golden light on the group, not cast shadows and death. She was terrible at this. Practice? Yes. She turned the ring three times. How did her sisters do it? She put down her needle and thread. She laid her head on the embersilk pillows, a gift from a patron, and found edgy sleep. 

Oh, my...the poor little priest girl is a bubble or two away from level 84, and is really awful at being a shadow priest. Much more complicated than it looks. 


  1. Anonymous18.9.11

    miss, go all intellect and armor and weap. then try shadow again. and at lvl 85 go to twilight highlands for new recipes, you will need lots of cloth. have fun senorita. missing ya

  2. I knew you'd help me--okay - getting there. Doing the quests now in TH so I can open up the portal. I have some dreamcloth ready to go, so I'll get busy! I will keep you posted, Senor. I am so glad you told me--I can cut gems all day long, but this tailoring thing...!

  3. Anonymous19.9.11

    sorry, i meant to say:go all int. on armor and weaps.try to skip the spirit(for shadow,ok?)and try to make dreamcloth as soon as your cooldowns are ready.(making dream cloth = a pain in my trasero)have fun senorita.

  4. Hate being a farmgirl sometimes. Those cooldowns are a pain...but right now I think farming for the mats is bad too...


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