Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ride at dusk.

The moment.
Between the sun’s power and the moon’s guile
The time.
Under which logic goes to sleep and intuition takes its foothold.
The hour.
Upon which she rode, just to move freely
Answer to no man, beggar or king.

In all the noise of the day, the demanding obligations and duties, one thing that never ceases to be fun, however silly, is a new ride. Just obtained the Celestial Spectral Steed. I know many of you wouldn't step back in Tol Barad if King Wyrnn himself asked you, but she sure is beautiful, isn't she? Worth every token.


  1. Anonymous13.9.11

    hola miss,just wanted to let you know that so far everything is ok in the real world.Hope you are having lots of fun with that cool caballo. missing ya.

  2. Hola Senor! Miss you, too, always. It is a cool caballo, si? It would be a lot more fun with a heartbreak charm, especially on those punks who hang out in Goldshire. I leveled up my tailoring with the priest girl, and must admit I am a little disappointed with her choice of tailoring recipes. How did you get better gear? Just dungeons, etc.? What the heck do I use dreamcloth for? Seems too nice to use as dinner napkins. So many questions...so...many...questions! :)


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