Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arts & Leisure: Pandaren Gothic.

Not sure this is what Grant Wood had in mind.

Editor's Note: Prepare for minor onslaught of posts this morning- Mr. Snerrguls

I have had the opportunity to see 'American Gothic' by Grant Wood up close. While studying art/art history, this painting represents one of those epiphanic moments for me, when I realized there could be more than just brushstrokes on canvas: repetitive motifs, and strong allusions to religious art, and a deeper analysis of symbolism and historical connections to simply make one's point, all collided with the study of this piece. For some, it may just be a glance of a stern Midwestern couple: the pragmatic farmer's wife and the taciturn farmer, blocking the viewer with a foreboding pitchfork. This painting does not invite you in for pie and coffee after church: it says "be about your business and get off my land."


Oh, and if you haven't ever seen Sister Wendy analyze art - you've been missing out.

Now, if I extrapolate Wood's painting and apply it to my own screenshot tableau with Ceniza and Farmer Yoon, it really does represent a modern effect. Let's see here: we have a kind, but very skilled-at -delegating panda in overalls, and a tall alien goat-girl complete with hooves and horns, working together to grow things to make other things that create still more things. Of course, Ceniza's produce is all organically-grown, and she uses natural pepper bug-repellents, and plenty of goat manure. The theological discussions we can muse over-- RNGs' blessings or curses, the control of the game designers, developers, and artists, and the machinations of goblin greed and "In RNGs We Trust" creed, we are left wondering perhaps if all of our toil and strife don't amount to a hill of beans (or songbells)--but then we circle back to the basic values--food, family, and finding what's worth fighting for. Pitchfork Staff +25 Agility works just fine.


  1. I missed this before, thank you! I didn't know Sister Wendy the art critic and I see she even has a Mogu statue. She's saying it's a bodhisattva but come on Sister, we all know that's a Mogu.

    1. Haha! I would love to hear her interpretation of a night elf male physique.


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