Saturday, December 1, 2012

Do it right.

Read it. Read it good.
Please don't bail on me. You all know what's happening now. There are so many wonderful things to do in Azeroth, it's head-spinning. I have my list, I still think of things, I have things to write and say. Yes, I "failed" at NaNo. Yes, I failed at getting on entry done for Neri Approve's November Transmog contest (it was going to be a half-naked Night Elf, prancing through the springtime woods with centaurs and such*), but the Winter Solstice is on its way, and as we in the Northern Hemisphere careen toward darkness and our miserable but stalwart human attempts to stave the black nights with light and hope, keep a light on for me, too.

*Momokawa was completely behind the whole photoshoot. Druids hate clothes.


  1. I know, late in Cata or even the middle of Cata I had a lot to say because there wasn't much to do in game. Now I have things to say but can't leave playing to say it, lol. Don't worry, I'm waiting!

  2. When do I ever get sick of reading you :) the problem is I often lie in bed reading you and trying to comment from my phone is a nightmare of fat fingers, autocorrect and impatient tapping of the fingers waiting for a page to load...

  3. Navi, I have the same exact issue!! nd for the record Iread your blog constantly too


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