Friday, March 22, 2013

Hang onto the tent...

I love this blog,

...and stumbled upon this little movie:  Lost in Living and while it has some issues, the last line, "don't let go of the tent" struck me as something all humans face. Don't give up, take your responsibilities seriously, create a shelter for those who can't fend for themselves.

I am running so very, very late this morning: sending out the armies of texts and emails to one and all, apologizing for my tardiness, my life circumstances, that are preventing me from punctuality. It doesn't help that my nose is dripping, my head is throbbing, and my beautiful eyes are puffy and mean-looking.  Damn, keep turning into the evil witch queen more and more each day.

But--I didn't want to leave you all scared with the disturbing owl image (don't want Navi to break any more popcorn bowls!) but know that a few fresh posts are in the works. In the meantime -- the greatest gifts of Azeroth encompass two distinct factions for me: sparking creativity and friendships.

What sparks your creativity about Azeroth? What makes you turn away from responsibilities and duties to just be 'somewhere else?'

Right now I'm very worried about Vereesa Windrunner...more to follow.

Oh, and irksome: was on the last battle of my Beasts of Fable, and even borrowed some leveled mechanicals to win the Gorespine battle, the last one on my list: won it, and then it immediately bugged out and reset to start all over. Thanks, Blizzard. You won't keep me down! Red Panda will be mine! Mwahahahaha!


  1. Poor Cymre! That was a nice popcorn bowl. Me and my squealing in scary bits is a bit embarrassing. ..

    1. Ah, that only adds to the fun!

  2. Now that is awful, to do all those and have it bug at the end. I'd send Mrs. Whitworth after them for that!

    1. She flicked some kitty litter in their faces, but they just said it was a bug, and good luck. Oh, and they asked me to fill out a survey.


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