Sunday, March 17, 2013

Promises, promises...

I am not exactly sure what's come over me --I do have some stories simmering, and a few promises of Story Times to keep--I think -- perhaps -- even though the weapon issue is far from resolved with our intrepid-but-sometimes-whiney-shaman, 5.2 is (and don't quote me on this): fun. 

Shado Pan Assault:
Ceniza is once again in a catch-22 situation with her gear: she can't get into Throne of Thunder to earn rep with the Shado Pan Assault until her item level is 480, and she can't get to 480 with the current (lack of) drops from previous LFRs, and she can't get to 'Friendly' with Shado Pan Assault to get higher level gear until she gets into Throne of Thunder. Blizzard is either an evil genius or idiot savant. Maybe both. In any case, patience little mage, patience: you'll get there. Someday. Maybe. Cause you know, mages are known for their patience.

As usual, the comments on the link are some of the most helpful bits of information. I felt the same way about Nat Pagle, too, buddy. Someone that you used to know....didn't have to cut so deep.....
No matter what Ceniza goes through -- she makes this look good.

New Weapons That Also Will Not Drop For Me:

There are some lovely new weapons, and two of them have double names:

There's Kura-Kura

 And Tia-Tia

 There's also Gara-Kai, but it can't be as good because it only has one first name, not two:

Just kidding. *Sobs quietly*
(please please please please please drop for me.....please?!?!)

There are very large snakes. Very large, unfriendly snakes. Maybe I can do what they're doing in Guam.

 OH OH OH OH! This deserves All Caps: THANKS MAN!

 Mataoka Meets Her Super Friends:

And Gets Super Friend Zoned:

 The Black Prince still has her hopping all over the dynasty for trillium, quest items, and pretzels and beer for him and Prince Anduin:

Never mind the dead body, Mataoka....I'll get my servants to clean it up...didn't you bring the imported beer? 

Drama-Mana Dagger: Cymre clued me into this, and so did my buddy Turk, so it's on my list: The Ra'sha Sacrificial Dagger.  I think when I get this I'll use it in the same way Tome does with her flippable table!

Sacred Duty and Ask Mr. Robot: I love Ask Mr. Robot. And I love reading Sacred Duty, even though I don't understand most of it. It's like reading a medical journal or astronomy chart: beautiful, complicated, and just out of my zone of proximal development. I did not know the two were intimately connected (like, as in the same brain). Just thought I throw that out there.

And these are all lovely things, indeed. Now to get to those other thoughts....this one is full!

Your Hand In Mine/Explosions in the Sky

Carnival of Animals, Zoological Fantasy For 2 Pianos


  1. Yay you are up to a cool bit now! Sigh bad rng still? /hugs

    1. This is beyond RNGs: this is a grand miscalculation on Blizzard's part, and they've yet to fix it. I think even the RNGs are ashamed now, and don't want to be associated with this. Every LFR I've run (and it's up to 31 times just for that fist weapon alone, with bonus rolls, etc.) someone in the group falls on their knees and thanks baby Jesus and their mommas if something they need drops, or curses the heavens if not. However, like I said in my counter-claim regarding the legendary quests, I love it because I can do this - and I feel connected and part of something, so that is a huge factor in the play enjoyment. So many fun things to do--now if I can just figure out how to get my mage in there too--maybe there's a backdoor and she can sneak in! :) To the PVP vendors!

  2. OH! OH! Micro-Sentry! How cool is that! And I really think there should be a limit you reach where if it hasn't dropped by now you get that baby.

    1. Nothing beats a cool pet from a buddy to get one's mind off of bad drops...and yes I totally agree: if I didn't have so many characters I love to play and this shaman was my one and only, I probably would have rage quit, and sent a strongly worded letter to blizzard explaining why they would not be getting my $15/month. Who I am kidding? I am there for my friends!


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