Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Losing My RNGs

What did the shaman do to upset the Random Number Gods? What blasphemous act, what heinous heresy, did this little brave shaman commit that caused them to turn their hateful gaze in her direction?

Well, maybe it's because she let her hit-cap fall to the wayside while she was busy trying her other restoration spec, or maybe it's because they're trying to teach her a lesson. What is the moral of the story, Blizzard?

What the hell are you thinking, woman?

This is unacceptable, but understandable. While playing many characters, it's tough to juggle all the recommended reforging, gemming, etc. Sometimes, well sometimes your socks just don't match, or you forget to floss your teeth. It happens. I think what I was waiting on, and holding my breath for, was a decent healing mace or DPS weapon. That has yet to happen. I have used every coin, every roll, every run, repeatedly, and still, to this day, March 13, 2013, about five months after the release of Pandera, I have nothing but blue weapons for both specs, as blue as my face from holding my breath and lack of oxygen.

Well, it's time to breath again. Find your center, little shaman. Cleanse, meditate, find your inner strength.

Because even though this happens instead:
Yes, I got the Leggings of Imprisoned Will as a drop, and tried for the healing mace, and got the Leggings again. AGAIN.
Something is broken with the loot system still, and the bonus rolls. Some mathematician at Blizzard. some goblin accountant, has made an error, but has too big of cajones to admit it. Big math cajones.

The bottom line is: at some point, there is a saturation point of patience. Mine is gone. I do not enjoy being a martyr, of lamenting and on-upping others about my rotten luck. It's a tedious, tiresome conversation. I'd much rather talk about fun things to go do and see, and know that my gear score, at some point after a few weeks, not months, is going to be good enough to keep up. I don't want to spend 3K gold on a top-of-the-line weapon enchant on a blue weapon for a few extra points. I spent 7k gold on healing boots thinking I was going to heal for the old guild, and learned a hard lesson. It's not worth it. Never do anything in game based on chancy promises.

At some point, if a player has logged in enough time, enough rolls, Blizzard needs to give over the stuff, period. Like a promise of Heaven for the faithful, I think 27 tries at the Empress is enough:

When I finally do get my fist weapon, and, or my healing mace, I'll probably write about it. But the joy of it is already gone. I'm sorry to be so negative, and you're all probably tired of me going boo-hoo. I know. I'm tired of it too.

So--what's a shaman to do? Nothing else to do. I still love playing, and maybe I'll just turn off the Recount Score, so I don't see how well other players are doing. I'll gem, reforge as much as I can. But I'm not holding my breath anymore. I need to breath. The weapon situation is a like a bad boyfriend, and it's just breaking my heart. I wouldn't play Monopoly anymore if I only landed on the other player's Boardwalk with five hotels repeatedly. But I would still hang out with the player.


  1. I need breath and I need to breathe...

  2. Anonymous13.3.13

    I'm sending you some of my luck for next week. For the love of all my pets, drop it for Matty already... /HUG

    1. That is the sweetest blessing; thank you Cymre-- I never forget I'm blessed with great friends who don't laugh at me over pixels with sharp edges!

  3. I'm sorry Matty, I so wish it would drop for you. I wish someone would come up with SRNG, a smart random number generator that had a few more point of IQ.

    That's why I enjoy things like collecting 9,999 dinosaur bones. Sounds bad but there is no RNG, only my patience involved. I don't want to go to Azeroth and get steamed about crap, I can do that for free here.

    There must be a better way, in the meantime I will wish really hard for your weapon to drop!

    1. You know, maybe it's time to send the shaman on a pilgrimage or a spiritual journey; if nothing else the experience helped me draft a story...and I love those journeys too -- the ones we map out and seek on our own

  4. By the way, how do I get to the dinosaur island? 😋

  5. You go to the northernmost point of Kun-Lai Summit and then fly straight north. As you come close you will enter a mist and once you get to the Island you can pick up the flight path to get back easier next time!

    1. Thanks Tome! I must have just missed the spot because I kept flying over fatigue zones; this has given me reason to track down my hunter Haanta and her ever faithful bear, Sweater. She's got to get to level 90 first though!

  6. Anonymous13.3.13

    I wish you had some of my rng. Sprinkling some navi dust!


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