Saturday, March 23, 2013


This --- this explains so much--"Creative People Say No" by Kevin Ashton. As I struggle for time and inspiration, not falling into ruts, and still balancing everyone else's needs with my own, this was a very timely article. On Thursday, for example, I started getting a painful sore throat, and by Friday it was a full-blown head cold. Those of you who know what I do, you can imagine lion taming is much more challenging with a cold; fortunately, the cats knew I was vulnerable and decided to be protective, not predatory. (I don't even get hazard pay!) I must be one helluva lion tamer.

One thing that has kept me playing so diligently is that I kept telling myself that Azeroth sparked creativity, but I have had the sneaking, underlying sense that Azeroth of late is actually slowly choking my creativity. Is this writer's block? Obsession with getting the 'next thing?' I am not sure. In game, like life, trying to set manageable goals and then walking away. Walking away fast. Saying "no" to colleagues and family members is one thing: saying "no" to a messy, unmogged mage is quite another. I am starting to wonder now if I've put undue burdens on my blogger/writer friends with BlogAzeroth requests, or my mog ideas? Truth be told, I love their ideas and posts, and when there's synergy and inspiration. Let me be clear: if I throw an idea out there, and it does not fit in with your game time or real life, please: walk away, guilt-free, and fast. And don't look back.

Where do ideas come from? Well, I really like my little warlock staff story. The idea is based on true events. I also really like my Nobundo story. There was a paladin who said those things to me in a raid recently (damn if I can find the screenshot, but seriously...pick up lines aside...)

Recently Cymre posted something about professions which made me think...I am ashamed to say...think about how angry I am. How annoyed I get that I get this really cool recipe or two, but could never obtain the materials I need to make them. It starts to hit too close to my real-life "fails" - didn't pay that bill on time, need a new car, dishwasher's broken, same old shit, new day. Blah blah blah. In a "fantasy" game, I want that: fantasy. I don't want to tell Zeptepi, "Sorry girl, you are a master tailor and can craft 522 items, but mom and dad just can't afford the haunting spirits now." I am tired of class warfare in Warcraft.

But to answer Cymre's question, you know what I like? I like archeology. I like fishing. I like those things that I am in more control of. And yes, those are the things I turn away from time and again. Shame on me.

This afternoon CD Rogue and I got in a heated debate over the definitions of "genre," specially Science Fiction/Fantasy hybrids. My darling Capricorn, thick-skulled, stubborn goat was adamant about the linear, finite definitions, but where he and I came to verbal blows was when he put Star Wars in the same category as Harry Potter. Dude. DUDE. We were both right as usual. I know the 'pure' definition of Science Fiction, and I know George Lucas' intent of setting it in a 'galaxy far far away' is his declaration of putting it squarely in the mono-mythic category. But it ain't Harry Potter. Turns out, it's a space opera. That makes sense. Hit the gavel. End of discussion.

Reason #347 Why I Will Never Be Asked to Go On Twisted Nether.
My reaction to him is the same one I have to some decisions in game: they are too didactic, too black or white, too this or that. I realize I've pondered this before, so apologies. To the artists of Azeroth, I raise a cup to you -- the artists, the creatives, the talented, soulful artists --you keep the beancounters at bay, and for that, to your health and happiness! If it is you who put dinosaurs with trolls, a dash of rocketships and ghouls in one fabulous, crazy, insane world, gods bless you. It is light and magic, and it is wonderful. And to my blogger friends of Azeroth: you are just as important, if not more so, than all the beancounters out there. If not for you, I would be residing somewhere else now.

Postscript: the cure for the common head cold? Two New Castle ales, one Krispy Kreme Boston creme doughnut, and a glass of orange-flavored Alka Seltzer. Take in that order, go to sleep for ten hours, after watching the last third of Ratatouille, and drink coffee in the morning.


  1. OMG! I know! Both Catwynn and Sasche have the ability to make incredible clothes and probably never will. I have seen only one haunting spirit for sale ever on this server. 40,000 gold. Even if they could afford it they'd need 6 to 8 of those things.

    But like you say it is the world around us that keeps me there.

    1. I feel you raising your cup of mead, too! Cheers to the Artists of Warcraft!


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