Friday, March 15, 2013

Who wears it better?

The other week when I reached the cliffhanger end of Prince Anduin's story, I noticed Garrosh's buddy wearing some rather sexy leather:

And it begged the question: Who wears it better?

There is a magazine who does this, one of those celebrity rags you read while getting a pedicure. You know the ones. They keep you abreast of really important news, like this:

I've written about this before, but damned if I can find the post at the moment. (Mr. Snerggulllsss found it.) But to my mogging friends: I know there are a lot of NPCs out there who are wearing things you like to wear, too -- and the question is, what are those mogs, and who does wear it better? Now, if I was a green female Orc I would think the Ishi is rocking that loincloth (please please please be wearning boxers or briefs under those....please.....) and if you're a hip-man you'd prefer the Kardashian bone structure. So let me know what you think!


  1. Anonymous15.3.13

    You found my Wonder Woman pants (well the other colour variation) without the flaps. Mine is probably still Tyrande's dress but I love a good Lara Croft outfit when I'm exploring :)

  2. I always feel like Nightelves wear my stuff better than when I wear it. Except feathers always look better on me.

  3. It's never a fair fight if a Draenei is wearing it, they always win hands down!

  4. Anonymous17.3.13

    gnome power pew pew


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