Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's not just Matty who meets banditos in dungeons: her priest, Zeptepi, encountered a few last night, too. So gallant, so chivalrous were they all: and although the spirits of Stratholme would not be subdued, one caballero sweetly kissed Zep's hand, apologized, thanked her for the kind healing, and bid her goodnight.

The group spoke Spanish only: but, the international signals of watching a hunter not engage in the fight (he was told "Cuidado..."), and the red threat circles, and falling health of players, needs no translation.

But I do have a dumb question, (but I know how to get it answered): just before I die, my body turns into a beautiful angel, and I hover in this angel-like phase for a bit, then it drops off, and I fall down dead. I've been running up Zeptepi a bit fast maybe, and this spell is new. She's just reached level 50 today, and I believe got this ability at 48. And what is the point of it? Does it allow for other players to rally and kill the boss, but why do I die anyway? Why isn't it a big Hail Mary play? I mean, it's lovely, and I am thoroughly enjoying being a priest healer, but what is its purpose? Just like Leap of Faith -- as far as I can tell it serves no other purpose than to make me happy.

Maybe that is my Cuidado Angel.

Oh, I must admit, I really do miss the Reincarnation spell on the priest. Win for shamans!

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  1. Gracias amigo: the spell is called Spirit of Redemption.


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