Friday, May 6, 2011

Purple haze...

I'm a loser, why don't you kill me?

Yesterday, when I was about to run an important errand, with many people depending upon me, I realized that I had locked my keys in my truck. Now, you may be asking, how could this possibly happen in the days of remote locks, etc.? Well, the locks on my truck haven't worked in years. It's very expensive to fix them, and just hasn't been worth it when I can manually lock the doors. I think something may have been whacked when someone tried to break into the truck years ago, that, and the combined goofy electrical system (my truck doesn't like rain, which is definitely a problem where I live), the locks don't work. And I dropped my keys in the console, locked the door, and away I went.

That may have been foreshadowing to the next hours' events.

Because everything was a bit locked up, and out.

It must be tough being right all the time, eh, Isa, because your prediction seemed to be coming true yesterday for random heroics. Any player with a set of semi-qualified tank gear was PUG'ing. I tried Blackrock, Blackrock, and Deadmines, and all three had us challenged. One tank had on DPS gear. And to be fair, the Corla beam encounter was off- man that sucked. We all commented on the buggy-ness. All I wanted to do was one simple heroic, one success for the day's play, and move on. It was less than satisfying, assuredly.

So, went into Zul. I thought it was my second time there, but I think it was actually my third. Why these details slip my mind I don't know. But I am not feeling good about things this morning --having a failure hangover. Aside from a lackluster DPS (a lot of figuring out who to kill what when, running, dying, self-healing, laggy cool-downs, you name it --I really tried the patience of my group, not to mention one of our tanks, SuperJew. Next came a derivation of "Jesus." (This is the moment where I push the red-button on my utility belt that activates "Don't Say A Word" editorial superpowers.)

Now, this is where I really need a stern lecture: my understandings of the need/greed/pass/disenchant on loot needs a lesson. I understand it fairly well, or at least I thought, but my quick-thinking skills were burnt up, and caused mental friction. Did you see the smoke? Smell the pollution? Yes. I needed on BOE loot I didn't need. Oh my gosh. Now, I did offer them up for rolls, I did apologize, but I am sure there is now a lack of trust regarding my character and integrity. There must have been an impulsive cost/benefit analysis in the id of my lizard brain. All I saw was purple...purple...purple...

Now, in my defense, (and there is little, I know: probably don't need Johnny Cochran level on this one, but perhaps one of his subordinates), upon reflection this morning I was thinking that I know two players whom I consider my moral compasses. These two players trust me, believe in me, and know that at heart, I'm not a bad person. If I need a character witness, I may call on one of them to come testify on my behalf.

Never did get through Zul. Maybe it was the love-sick tank, perhaps everyone was having an off-day too, but I can only control or speak for myself. It doesn't matter that many players are finding those new dungeons challenging: I know that I need to get a coat hanger and get those keys out of the truck, drive myself to the training dummies, and re-inspect my bars, add-ons, glyphs, and DPS skills.

On the upside, I did, fairly and squarely, win a healing cloak, which is equipped on my restoration spec gear now. My trusted friend is going to make an enchant for it, and perhaps, through my work as a healer, I will find some redemption, Old Testament style.

Theme song: Loser/Beck

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