Sunday, May 1, 2011

Role models.

Taurens and Paladins alike love children...and want to sell them energy drinks...

This current achievement has Mat earning her babysitting money. She has long forgotten the name of her young charge, so she just calls him "Dork," and not too affectionately, either. But still, he looks up at her with those eyes, and her heart tugs just a tiny, tiny bit. It's all a bit exploitive, really. /shrug. As long as it gets Mat that mount at the end...she'll tap into her maternal instincts and try to get the job done.

So far, the list of achievements that are part of the meta-achievement has been as easy as spilling red Kool-Aid on white shag carpeting. But this one: School of Hard Knocks concerns her. She's about to don her PvP gear once more, clean out the rifle barrel, and drag her orphan through her grim attempts at battlegrounds.

Stupid orphans. Make your own damn cookies.

For the Children Link

Theme Song: Crank Dat (Soldja Boy) DJ Godfather

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