Saturday, May 7, 2011

Careful, man, I got a beverage here...

Senor Patron, you win this round. You were indeed the boss of me last night. There is a foil-mark on my forehead in the shape of a “T” for tequila. And, I'm pretty sure that's how those white platform shoes and red bow-tie got in my bags. 

As some of you know, perhaps because of my Irish ancestry, (with a bit of Native American, German, Scottish thrown in for good measure), I have enjoyed a cocktail or two in my time. I largely gave up most of it, except for those glasses of champagne, until last night. Having a shot, or four, of Silver Patron tequila seemed like a good idea. Guildmaster-approved and fully endorsed, my DPS did go up! Cheers! Kind of a drunken-master Jackie Chan sort of thing, but hey, blowing breath into the Recount DUI meter showed, yes,  the cactus juice may have unlocked some uptight-y-ness. (And yes, I have the screen shot to prove it, but in order to protect the innocent, you'll just have to trust me.)

And although I woke up next to a turtle, my orphan ran away, and pieces of my chest gear are missing, I do remember quite a bit:

*My friend: I think I hit the Healing Rain spell a lot on you. I hope it didn't tarnish your armor. It must have been because my turtle was parched.

*I really enjoyed our literary analysis conversation, what I remember anyway. Agree with you on the denouement of that particular epic we discussed. It does seem a bit heavy-handed.

*The hedgehog story is a true story, and I didn’t provide half of the details. The owner of the shop may have had Monkey Pox, too. She had a rash, and a prairie dog on premises. Draw your own conclusions. And, in addition to being a purveyor of hedgehogs, it was a cat rescue pet shop, with a wall of glass enclosures full of nasty, feral street cats, most missing an eye or ear. Like a room full of feline pirates. (Shudder.)

Visions from the fish tank dungeon:
*The dwarf did indeed, say he was ‘flaccid.’ Ruby-Red and Matty-White worked all the buttons, and success! Thank goodness he didn't drop trou to show us. We took him at his word.

Stick has been successfully dislodged from posterior, and the prognosis looks good.

I think I wrote this post just as an excuse to use a Ska Cubano tune as the theme song. Ska Cubano es el mejor! (No Me Desesperes)

Postscript: Congrats, too, Isa, on the successful completion of your Strange Trip. That drake is magnificent! When it opens its mouth, it does look like a black-light. Only wish I had a Jimi Hendrix poster handy to get the full effect. 

On second thought, after my purple haze, we're in a rebuilding phase of our trust, aren't we?
Here's the screen shot of one fight:
Here is a link for a Night Elf Mana Cocktail:

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  1. Isabeaux8.5.11

    Thanks, Mat! The drake was delivered with a lovely note from Alextrasza.


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