Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's complicated.

One of my favorite bloggers and experts on all things WoW is Psynister's Notebook. It's well-written, informative, and funny. His metaphor of learning a new spec at the end of a character's path is extremely timely for Miss Matty: to him, it's analogous to learning to walk in high heels. (He calls it his "high HEALS" quest.)

(Being a female, I can attest that learning to walk in high heels is indeed difficult, and a skill that doesn't stay for life. From playing bride in mommy's heels, to the prom date (when you realize your shoes create a Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise effect--the real reason they divorced. Haven't you noticed Katie Holme's posture deteriorating?), and those platforms with the 1/2" base that creates a teetering death fulcrum: one wrong step and your ankle will be twisted like a hot metal. This is all for the accentuation of calf muscles: setting off those gems on the gams is defining sign of femininity.)

He is on a mission to create a healer out of a shaman. 

I am, too.

Now, my posse knows this, and have been incredibly supportive. Even dragged one of them into a two normal Cata dungeons yesterday. There were a few mishaps, but seriously, nothing I haven't died on myself as a DPS. They were truly moments of: "Disculpa no pude hacer nada."   

Another buddy, hearing of my attempts, is an expert on healing, (a priest healer), began asking me ("grilling me" is too strong, and "mild interest" is too weak) about my add-ons, sub-woofers, tweet decks and mojo-risings. Something like that. Another one of my favorite bloggers, which I need to start studying like an Arnold Schwarzenegger paternity test, is Josh Myer's blog on WoW Insider. He has mentioned macros, and setting those up, too. 

Now when my buddies start to rattle off these seemingly simple things, it sounds like this to me sometimes:

I am Ginger in this scenario. Just wanted to spell it out for you.

But here is my teeny, tiny rant: Sometimes I just wish that I could just play with what Blizz provides, and not all the accoutrements. But that's what they give us intelligence for, and it's not really in the spirit of the game, is it, to not try to think and plan, eh? I guess if I just want to put my brain on ice for a bit, I'll just go grind rep for mounts. Because right now, managing my mana is making me manic.

So, bottom line: guild master told me it was time to put my big-girl panties on and deal with it. (I actually have that expression on a T-shirt somewhere I think...) He was gracious enough to hand over some cool healer purple Kool-Aid to me the other day, too. "Thought that would make you happy, Matilda!" "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!" So, the gear isn't the issue. It's the player. (As usual.)

To the big girl panties! Away! (Thinking of these like a Bat-signal over Gotham.)
Bat...or thong pattern?
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