Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Listen, kitten...

What a weird day. Chalk it up to tummy aches and allergies, I guess, but the world was just as laggy as I was feeling. Even got disconnected while doing Baradin Hold --that did wonders for my DPS. Ugh. But got through it. A lot of "getting through" lately. And decided, what the heck, haven't done a random heroic in awhile, why not? Almost hit "healer" by mistake again, and begrudgingly saw the "sack of most awesomeness because you're a healer or tank, you worthless DPS'er" which quickly vanished when I hit the DPS button. NO MURGLESNOUT SOUP FOR YOU!

But perhaps, due to the lag, and the hours spent in PvP mode, I was going about it all wrong. Of course, it was Stonecore. But you know, aside from a few mistypes, all was well. The big giant rock worm-thing which looks like a parasitic nightmare didn't kill me. The dragon who poops fire and shards didn't kill me. IN FACT: I was the last shammy standing. IN FACT: I am the one who killed it when it still had considerable health. Yes, I had to run around a bit, and yes, wait for my wolves to return from their astral kennel or wherever the heck they go during those LONG two minutes, but down the dragon did I.

(Now, this whole time, two of the players from the same guild were playing footsie under the table with Leaps of Faith --yes, just "Hey, you're hot, let me use my LoF to pull you closer, babe..." stuff. Golly gee. Hope that wasn't on cool down during the dragon encounter! I only say this because I had to do a lot of self-healing, also hard on DPS when stopping to apply band-aids.)

Now - you know who comes next. Ozruk. Admitted to group that he was not one of my favorite bosses.

Mage (whose name has something to do with Snow and Kittens) asks why. And that she's never had an issue.

Well, good on ya, mate.

I respond something to the effect: "He's hard on melee."

I know this fight, I know it well. But damn, the lag was getting to me, and also, having spent hours doing PvP, may have not run or moved as fast as I should. But I didn't die. Got to the edge, perhaps once, but not bad. Hits that should have protected me from the paralyze weren't making their mark, something was off, but, again, I didn't die. Tank didn't put him up against a wall, but simply danced him around the ring. No biggie. Ozruk was defeated. Let's move on. The dungeon run seemed like a sprint compared to the marathon of the new Zuls.

Now, for some reason, Miss Mage decides to type a lengthy explanation of everything I did wrong.


I respond, thank you very much, I know this fight, guess just made a few errors. Kill 'em with kindness, right?

Apparently, I was not kind enough, because the next comment was something like "Well, if you know this fight then blah blah blah blah."

Okay. Thanks for the tips.

Thank goodness I didn't let my shammy rage blind me for the final boss, because dying during that fight would have been mortifying. I did fine. And when I looked at recount, my DPS was only slightly less than Miss Mage's.

There's a scene from '40 Year Old Virgin' which is one of my favorites. Just was reminded of it. That's all.

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