Monday, May 16, 2011

"Never too late to have a happy childhood."

I think that quote should be credited to one of my favorite writers, Tom Robbins, of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Still Life with Woodpecker fame. (Princess Leigh Cherie is still the red-haired, unchallenged princess of all time, with a pack of Camels and musings on the moon.)

Had a fabulous time in ICC yesterday. Two tiny thorns: first, I got a little tired and grumpy, and opened my mouth.

Vent group: Why isn't there more DPS on the slimes? (Crimminy-jim-jam, don't know how many times a day I hear that!)

Well, being a DPS'er, and trying to get to the slimes, the slimes have a trampoline effect and would bounce me back.

After about the third or thirtieth time of this, and Vent chat, yelling "More DPS on SLIMES!" I said, "I'm trying, but it keeps bouncing me back!"

"Yes, they do that." (Comic-book Guy voice in tone.)

Okay. (This may be more about leadership: one calm healer explained the green slimes versus orange slimes in her sweet Druid-healer voice.)

The other small splinter was hearing grown men talk about "back in my day" perspective. And this wasn't an historical perspective, to help understand nuances of game play. This was, "How can anyone NOT have been in ICC before?" (This, for a change, was actually not directed at me.) There was a lot of talk about weapons, and gear, and, "Oh, see?! Of course that's dropping now!" -- hence the quote about happy childhoods. Sometimes a little dungeon or raid redemption is just what you need, better and cheaper than therapy.

So, the new 4.2 patch must really have their panties in a scourge-twist:

I recognize that players who have been living part-time in Azeroth for years claim ownership, and like unwelcome immigrants, we newer players are checked at the border for proper documentation and validity. But consider, good sirs, that first of all, like the United States, and most nations, this virtual world is a business. Business is made stronger by innovation and drawing in new consumers, new labor, and skills. You may not like or appreciate the new and diverse populations arriving on your Stormwind or Booty Bay shores, but we are here nonetheless.

And trust me, my friends, none of that "I had to walk five miles to school in the snow" garbage got in the way of my fun, or my bucket-full of achievements.

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