Thursday, May 5, 2011

I dub thee...

Kay and Mat tossed their blood-crusted weapons to the well-trodden wooden floor of the inn on the Dwarf side of town, ready to share an ale (or two, or three) and tales of recent victorious runs, aiding orphaned children, and boosting their own status in the world.

"I'm really going to enjoy putting my new saddle on that violent drake..." Kay mused.

"And I'm hoping I have some more purple gear to match it, when the day comes..." said Mat wistfully, and a touch vainly.  She continued: "I know I shouldn't complain, but...(negating her weak attempt at justification)'s a shame that the gods don't bestow upon us a title to go along with all of our hard work, too..."

"Oh, you're right! That would be so wonderful!" Kay exclaimed. "But, what would it be?" Mat shrugged, but Kay further inspired by saying, "Oh, Mat...we should come up with titles!"*

Kay and Mat's friendship began as a common passion, and borderline obsession for achievements. Their solid friendship is characterized by their support for each other's pursuits of excellence and skill, and they share tactics, strategies, and means and ways of achieving these goals...they have their cookbook of family-secret favorites which they readily share, and support each other thoroughly. And although the For the Children is the penultimate meta-achievement for both of them in the Strange Trip It's Been (they each have several tasks for the Midsummer festivities), it seemed to be the most challenging and emotional one to date. Kay longed for a night elf child, perhaps a daughter of Gwennyth Bly'Leggonde, whose beautiful and courageous life was cut short by the coward of pain, Deathwing.

But tonight, this was no time to stew in grief, but to celebrate, to laugh. In their drunken silliness, these are some of their "lesser known" titles of distinction:

the Loquacious: bestowed upon those who drown while talking too much in chat...(cough)
Killer Queen: given to (predominately) female players who tend to be a bit bossy
the Carried: awarded to those whose DPS is the fourth place of a dungeon group 50% of the time, only one level above the healer's. (Credit to Ferl on that one) And yes, this is me while I am running, RUNNING towards piles of poison, fire, and poisonous fire.
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (come on, it's better than Achievement Sl*t)
the Curious: given to those who often find themselves wedged in pixels even their hearthstones can't jam them out of...(I'm looking at you, buttercup...)

And the best title, better than even Kingslayer:
Knight of the Red Shirt: achieved by those who politely, but persistently, correct everyone's lore knowledge. This is the highest achievement, one up from "the Pwner."

*If anyone has any suggestions for titles, monikers or epithets you think should be in the game, please, feel free to comment away!

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