Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chronicles of the Glovebox Gnome: Blizzcon or bust!


Hmm…human. Go to bed.

You had an emotionally exhausting day, and you will need your strength.


You forgot to do laundry? 'Skay. Blizz says you can go naked. Just like the Fremon Solstice Parade. Happy as Mylune. Free as the Darkmoon Faire Rabbit* Commando like a Dwarf: let your freak-flag fly, Matty. Just dooooeeeet.

Be safe, shammy girl: don't worry about the three omens: the dream about birthday cakes and broken truck brakes: the crow dropping the unknown bone near you on your way to work (it's a good sign, right?!?! A GIFT….nothing bad!) And then for the first time in years, that real life little person, standing at the bus stop. Signs, Matty, good ones: go to Blizzcon, and get your magic on.

Now, human: go to bed.

*Not including taxes, shipping, and handlers' fees. That thing bites.


  1. Anonymous7.11.13

    Hope you're sleeping now so you'll be rested for a safe trip! I almost booked a ticket so I could go sit on the curb outside the convention center, lol!

    1. Damn, if you have half a thought to jet out, do it! We'll go stealth and get you in!


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