Thursday, November 21, 2013

PC or not PC: that is our Azeroth

Haanta and Lobito out for a morning kill.

Logtar, the GM of the big guild, Reloaded, recently posted a review of the guild rules on his blog and linked them to Facebook. Revisiting the rules is always a good idea - we human only keep so many in our little pea brains at a time. I agree with them - they're simple, direct, and define the culture of the guild. Just yesterday morning there was a long lecture about the nuances between "norms" and "protocols" at my work. Norms are behaviors - show up on time, and take turns. Protocols are structured, formal ways to share information; the 'talking stick' mode if you will.

Right now I'm kind of overwhelmed by norms and protocols. Logtar's are easy (except for maybe the cussing/Disney one - I never follow that rule). And I am wondering this morning (and I better make my wondering snappy, cause I have to leave in five minutes) if part of the fantasy of Azeroth is that we get to really get out of our comfort zones.

When I misspoke about Africa I was commenting on how bad do you have to be as a wild-game hunter to want South Africa (a country) to want you to never, ever come back? The Oatmeal recently wrote about this hunter, who happens to be hawt (I wonder if she would get much media attention if she were not?) who he thinks is an abomination. Oh, the ensuing Facebook firestorm! Oh the opinions! Oh the humanity! Now, the thing is, I don't mind the hunters I know. They go out in the cold, rain, snow, and try to bag elk and deer. But I am not married to any of them. I do not decorate with antlers (although if I found a nice moosehead in a garage sale I would buy it). I'm just wondering what did she do that even a country like South Africa with its own history of yuck doesn't invite you back in? Dios mio. Maybe we should give that hawt hunter a WoW subscription and tell her to go shoot and skin some stuff in Azeroth.

And now I have to go - but overall, the layer of fantasy to get to role play personas we otherwise would never be able to take on is amazingly cool. I have no issue with running around going pewpew in Azeorth. But attack an endangered species--sister, you've got another thing coming.


  1. Anonymous21.11.13

    Oh ... it was a beautiful male lion lady, now it's just dead meat. I used to live in South Africa, when South Africa thinks you stink man, you probably do. Every time my husband walks by and I happen to be killing some form of beast I get tsk-tsked. Strangely he doesn't say a thing when it's humanoid.

  2. Why does nobody get that all rares are endangered species and we should not be killing them!!!! I think I am the only nitwit who thinks this crazy talk btw. That is why I do not slaughter rares I take pics of them!

    1. I have yet to touch Ferdinand out of some decency; you have an excellent point!


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