Monday, November 4, 2013

I AM NOT PREPARED…but am trying.

*We decided we rarely seen 'women of a certain age' in game. Shall make it my mission to populate Azeroth with elder wise-women. Who tank. 

Keep your shirt on, Illidan. Oh wait, that burned off eons ago. Pants then? Pants are for sissies.

Before I continue, in the next few days I will be writing a post about someone* I got to meet IRL I shall hereby dub the Writer of Amazing Talented Awesomeness.  Stay tuned. 

So this morning, taking advantage of the fall back time change, I got an extra bit of sleep, and was looking forward to some derpiness, but alas, the coalesced zone thing was happening for Whisperwind. I really don't know what the consequences of this will be, but I'm sure there will be some fall out. Nothing I can do. Blizzard didn't consult me.

Well, okay, can't go derp. Don't feel like emptying the dishwasher (apparently my super-powers of estrogen empower me to be the only one to sense the "clean" dishes light is on, and to put said dishes away.) I am rebeling. Perhaps I shall look into creating a schedule of sorts for Blizzcon. Navi's all ready. And Godmother has analzyed herself into exhaustion. There are so many people I want to meet, and I know I'll get all tongue-tied and goofy-footed. I really hope I get to meet Vidyala of Manalicious, too. Did you know…


…is living the dream of being a WoW Insider writer? 

I can say I knew her when, right? No one deserves success more than she: I think she's amazing.

I have so much to do at work to get ready, and so much to do at home to get ready, and and and and maybe I can sneak some phone-reading in at work. Make my plan. Map a route.

Bottom line: if you want to see me at Blizzcon, please let me know. I don't want a repeat performance of two years' ago when I didn't know how to find anyone or talk to anyone. 

I'll be the big, middle-aged woman who gives big hugs. You'll have to have special magical glasses to see my horns and hooves, but they'll be there.


  1. I wish I were going to be there to get a big hug! After seeing that picture I have an almost overwhelming desire to create an old woman Rogue. Sweet Elune, when will I stop, lol.

    1. Me too Tome - in fact I wish all my buddies were going to be there. All CD Rogue plans on doing is cooling his heels in the pool, so I'll be wandering lost searching out other bloggers. They are hard to spot in public.

  2. There is always the Twisted Nether meetup on Friday night.... :D The plan is that a bunch of us hard to spot bloggers are going to a bowling alley so that we're easy targets, or something like that!

    Are you going? Huh, huh, are you going, huh?

  3. I wish I were going! Have loads and loads of fun! Hopefully you'll run into tons of other awesome people. :D

    1. Me too! You'd be on my "want to meet" list for sure!


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