Monday, November 11, 2013

Chronicles of Glovebox Gnome: Future of the past...

Farseer Nobundo

I am like one of those "me too" news organizations that releases news stories decades (it feels) after everyone else gets a shot. The only 'scoop' I have right now is from Baskin-Robbins. And it's melting.

Just kidding, it's cool. When have I ever been first with anything? Never. But somehow folks are still patient with me; go figure. (Sheesh, Tome, I just realized I almost named this post the same as yours; I really need to check myself!) Tome has been admiring the new Forsaken models, and Erinys seems to have some concerns about gnomes, and the appalling lack of females represented. Oh sure, a 'female heroine' is alluded to (Dornaa, were you supposed to be a paladin?!) but at the outset, it was a big boy show.

Which leads me to wonder, just how are they going to alter my beloved Draenei? I am not ready to write about this yet, not fully; however, I wish some of the models had a little more 'grit.' Not sex appeal (!), not more junk in the trunk, but a bit more battle-weariness that accurately depicts the importance of the Draenei race in Azerothian lore. If anything these cosmetic changes only further enhance our romance with Azeroth.

The real spark that has me excited to read as much as I can, learn and relearn again, is the lore that is coming our way. I plan on reading Effraeti's blog when I can (still on the road, and people have necessary agendas!)

But ultimately, before too much more time passes, I want to thank one of my first friends in game who intelligently, and with accuracy, pointed my lore seeking in the right direction with Farseer Nobundo. I hope he's in a place where if he chooses he can return in the next expansion; however he's probably too busy having many real-life adventures now, and those are outweigh Azerothian ones (and you all know I love the Azerothian ones!)

Anyway, more speculation, more anticipation--in the meantime, I have legendary cloaks to obtain on a few more ladies, and Garrosh needs a few more beat-downs.


  1. Some grit would be wonderful, I don't know how many bazillion things Cat's slaughtered and she hasn't even broken a nail yet. I'm waiting for a lore wizard to figure out who the strong women in the movie will be. They said at the panel if you were up on you lore you could figure it out. Maybe I'll do some research!

    1. I was wishing I had added night elf females to this desire for a touch of grit: they need it too. Dornaa may be part of this...let's look into this ....


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