Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chronicles of Glovebox Gnome: The view from the road...

Make no mistake: I wouldn't change a thing. Yes, that was one long-ass drive, and you may think I'm a dork, but we actually planned the return trip so I can see Mt. Shasta in the morning, instead of in the dark. Driving from Washington to Southern California is one journey I have never made: flying has always been my preferred mode. CD Rogue grew up in Cali, so this is familiar terrain.

By now you are all well aware of the amazing expansion coming our way: Warlords of Draenor. I kept up with tweets, feeds, messages, etc. on the road as the opening ceremony was taking place. You know what I find funny? I didn't have to be there to feel the excitement and joy the WoW community felt: I felt it too.

There aren't a lot of road highlights: it was pure driving. We finally couldn't go any further and stopped about 2AM on Friday morning, and even then it was hours to go. I managed to spill salsa on my sweatpants. This detail will be important later.

And we bought delicious fruit and almonds from a stand, including a cross between a grapefruit and lime (pomelo?)
And as driving into California, the air is...different. I've struggled to describe it over the years. It's a dry that is not harsh, a softness that is not weak, a clarity that blinds. I love living in the rainy, grey of the northwest, but that sunshine....hard to ignore its siren song.

Hours in a car can make anyone edgy, and there were moments I wish I could have flown. But I remembered a few weeks ago a young man I know posed a question, "When is the last time you did something for the first time?" Every experience is a good one, after a fashion. As excited as I am about playing WoW, it does not compare to the friendships I've made. 

We finally arrived, and as I said the sweatpants, and the need of shower and teeth-brushing meant that when CD Rogue said, "Do you want to go right to Blizzcon?" I said NOOOOooooOOOOo. There was no way in hell I was going to meet Navi or anyone looking (and smelling) the way I did. The salsa was the least of my problems.

So, to my in-laws', cleaned up, and yes, this is how much CD Rogue loves me: he did all the driving, and still got back in the car and drove us to the convention center.

Wrathion was there:

And I signed the wall:

And I met NAVIMIE!!! (No photos- protect privacy and stuff). Let's just say I am the one who looks like a Tauren standing next to her, and she's just as awesome in real life! 

I met my GM Logtar and his wife and a few other guildies, and they are just as nice and sweet as they are in game. 

There will be a female Draenei heroine. 

There's your answer.
Thank you Blizzard.

Oh, Mr. Blizzard sir, One more thing? I have often wished Draenei could climb mountains - you know, the hooves and all --


  1. Postscript: I have to mention Akabeko was awesome keeping me posted on the doings while I was in the car. Thank you so much!

  2. Have fun now that you're rested and got to change your pants! I'm excitedly waiting for the movie panel to start. So much good stuff to look forward to!

  3. Anonymous9.11.13

    Glad you had fun! In hindsight after last year was canceled, the Mrs. and I should have made plans for this year. Oh well, it was a long forgotten thought. As you said, though, I didn't have to be there to revel in the excitement. Meeting you awesome folks in person would have been great, though.

  4. I'm mad that I didn't think to look for you!

  5. It's ok Matty, you can put my picture there! You have my permission (since it's ALREADY OUT THERE)! I just worry I look nothing like my druid and therefore unrecognisable! And I do not need a bell. Just follow the methane!


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