Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Guild...

Everyone is so excited about Blizzcon, as they should be. And I'm excited too, but right now, at this moment, am still so angry over a real life thing I may start crying. The Matty-shack has known a bully for years now, and while we've had small skirmishes, we've had to play the role of supreme diplomats in order to support our cubs. Now there is another battle on the horizon, and we're losing. This bully doesn't care about anyone or anything but his ego, and suffice it to say our honesty and planning was met with egregious verbal and real consequences.

What Blizzcon really means to me is family: it's a chance to not only enjoy all that is Azeroth, but to see people we love. People whom have fought breast cancer. People whom have fought heart surgery. And those who love us, and celebrate our victories. (Shit, I'm crying now.)

This person we are dealing with, (unsuccessfully and powerlessly, it seems), holds such a grip on our community that no one else cries foul, or if they do, are shouted down and silenced. What is one to do when those who are supposed to protect us and ours actively engage in harming and undermining?

So, we're going. We'll be driving a long way. But it comes at a cost beyond gas money or In-N-Out Burgers. We're going to see family, and to meet new friends, and that has more value than any single town bully.

I'm not done with this, not by a long shot. He's hurting my cub, and mister, don't mess with the momma bear. 

Time to get my plate gear on.

Postscript: Too bad this "real life" community can't be more like this one:


  1. Blargh, not sure if it ate my comment or not.

    Have a great time at Blizzcon and a safe journey. I'll stick some pins in the bully for you, but can't guarantee cross ocean success, although my great great great or so Grandmama supposedly sunk a ship with an eggshell so anything is possible (or not).

    /Hugs. He really needs to read his Kipling.

    1. I must confess: this morning driving in I was wondering if I should look up some simple, practical magic that would not incur the wrath of the laws of retribution, and then quickly realized I was pondering dark forces that would quickly get out of my control: and then there you are with a tale of an eggshell and a ship, and somehow that satisfied all my hopes, just the mere thought of it. Thank you Erinys. Glad you're on my side.

  2. Anonymous6.11.13

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation and it's true, life is about celebrating and remembering our victories with the people we love and care about.

    Have a blast at Blizzcon. I wish I could be there with you.

    Here's something for the road

    1. That's wonderful, Cymre: I consider you a big part of my virtual guild, and a pretty cool chica.

  3. Dahakha6.11.13

    May they be bitten by a thousand fleas!

  4. That song is perfect: think I'll blare it as loudly as I can…nice!

  5. Ugh I am so sad to hear about something like this going on. Wish there was something more I could do than send you positive thoughts and whoever it is negative ones. Have lots of fun on your trip to Blizzcon! And may stuff get better.


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