Thursday, November 14, 2013

PSA: The more you know...

I know everyone knows this. EVERYONE.

But just in case there is one soul out there who didn't, one Russian hacker who, while strolling through my blog, decided to stop and read it, or perhaps one person looking for information on David Hasselhoff pondered and perused, here it goes:

If you get Timeless gear, it's fine to save one set for an alt to grow into, but other than that, have a character who can learn it, learn it, and the sell price is quintupled. One mail helm will go from 5gold to 24. Why, oh why didn't I think of it? But I did now. You're welcome.

Oh, and Angeline Jolie is going to be starring as Maleficent in the new Sleeping Beauty adaptation.


Come on warlock girls! Let's get our mog on!


  1. Anonymous14.11.13

    Selling that gear is about the only money making I'm doing anymore. Absolutely nothing sells on the AH anymore. Now that would make a great Warlock mog.

  2. I hadn't even started selling that gear yet. Though really I probably should considering I've probably got enough plate tokens stashed in the bank for six more paladins on Seish's server (and that's after gearing Rim and a dk.) I am really not sure I'd have thought of using them before selling them. So thank you :D
    I watched that trailer last night. Ooooh shiny, and excellent warlock mog idea. Don't think Tal has the figure to pull it off though.

    1. I know - I really should get organized. Hey! To the ALTMAKER MACHINE!


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