Monday, October 10, 2011

Shush, woman.

Icarus takes one for the team
In my mind, there is a long, rambling post brewing. But I think I'll pull out my bullet point typography power tools, and make it brief:

  • Luperci, tanking and Zuls:
    • Not good. DPS (ranged) on J'in Do doing things that I would have had my ass handed to me if I had been on Mataoka in there. No one listened to me about the strategy of killing one add so the ghost things wouldn't stack up. Those ghost things had a buffet. At one point, another player, guildmate, asked why it was so much easier in PUGs, I'm sure giving me the stink-eye. I don't know. You tell me.
    • Brought back appropriate and well-time used of consecration in Zul'Aman. Hooray! (Cheers from adoring fans!)
  • Mataoka, shaman-ing, and raids:
    • Yes! Got a spot in last night's Firelands raid. Did partial work on my homework and watched videos. Picked up too many feathers, fell to my Icarus-ian style death, but oh, it was wonderful. Except for the falling in fire part. 
    • Majordomo--not a problem, very fun. 
    • Ragnaros: also fun, only slammed into fire once, didn't happen again, had second to third top DPS, but good clothies died, and we didn't win. Not this round, but hoping to go back. There was general blanketed critiques of the fight from GM, so I am not sure if I was covered under that poop shield or not--I know what I did right and well, and fought the good fight. 
    • If the warlock wants the fifth one, give her the fifth one. Logic-schmogic!
    • Was disappointed that a guildmate who rolled a tie didn't get Theck's Emberseal ring, but a player who was in our guild for a brief time and joined us as a pinch hitter did. It was his boon for helping us out. He is a really good player, and there will be other drops, but still, a tie breaker to ensure fairness would have been warranted, but that's only my opinion. And opinions don't mean too much coming from a woman in this manly-man's game. 

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  1. Postscript: It's true: sometimes I champion lost or misguided causes. No one cared about the ring, or the winner who openly sold it on Trade Chat. One advantage of being a guy - not giving a damn.


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