Friday, October 7, 2011


Dangit! Why didn't I read the rules again? 

I was trying to do Psynister's WoW Ironman Challenge on Escarlata, and just read the guidelines again. I realize I already failed because I spent my talent points. Oh, and crud! Started skinning, too. (I cannot leave behind dead animals and monsters...). And here I was, feeling quite clever because I have made it to level fourteen relatively pain-free. Well, no wonder. Our scarlet beauty was already juicing up. Roid-rage is not attractive on an undead girl. Ever watch them dance? They are perpetually at a Grateful Dead* concert, getting their groove on with a spectral Jerry Garcia (rest in peace, Jerry).

I imagine that's Escarlata in her flesh-on-bones days.

And while checking on the progress of Imraith, her Ironsally made it to 85 in whites/greys, and followed the rules...unlike cheater-cheater-Tirisfal-pumpkin eater Escarlata. 

Well, shucks. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. Might as well just put her green wand in her pocket, and keep on truckin'.

Theme song: Truckin'/Grateful Dead
*I was never a huge GD fan; however, I have a very good friend who was/is. I never could see "it" -- whatever "it" was she saw. I am sure a dose of hallucinogens would have helped.


  1. lol - Easy done - mistakes happen, but it's not so bad. At level 14 you are not so far in, so you could always reroll and try again. :)

    By the way, sorry to have to correct you, but Ironsally is not Imraith's character. Imraith was posting about TomeoftheAncient's char Ironsally.

  2. I greatly appreciate the correction and response! And as far as re-rolling now...well, that ship has sailed for the time being. I really love that warlock-she is no longer virginal in terms of any of the requirements, and I want to get her pony here soon. Now--if I did re-reroll, will gladly take suggestions. I started a Tauren warrior-perhaps his bullish and tenacious nature will adhere more closely to the rules. Any suggestions?

  3. lol - your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that my rogue is really starting to struggle now - but who knows? maybe warrior would be good. Would be mighty interesting to find out. :)

  4. Anonymous8.10.11

    Lol, those sneaky warlocks, you got to watch them every minute.

    Me too, I'm not a GD fan but I like the idea of them. Kind of like baseball, I don't watch it but I'm glad it's there.

  5. @Dora--took my Tauren for a jog yesterday for a few minutes. Since he already comes equipped with natural steroids, he may be the one!

    @Tome- well said! I went to a concert once, and again, couldn't really get into it. However, plying myself with cold beer at a baseball game helps the innings go down!


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