Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This is getting tired, but sometimes, gee whiz fellas, WoW is too much like real life.

In my real life, all I really want to do is my job. I love my job. It's interesting, creatively challenging, and meaningful. Can't beat that with a stick. But the workplace, or sometimes the ones in charge, are a mix of genuine leadership to selfish 'empire building,' with their own agendas, and think nothing of putting a heel or well-shined shoe on the backs of those who do the actual work. That's nothing new, just how it goes, and it is what it is.

One project I've been putting off is getting my resume together, both as an exercise of organization and a means of exploring other possibilities. They say that luck is what happens when opportunity meets hard work/preparation, or something like that, and I want to be ready in case I get my "big break." But, what I like about my job and place of employment is it has a big emotional tie, and that cannot be ignored or discounted.

So, reading I Like Bubbles' post on the New Recruit Curse, it occurred to me that it's too bad there isn't a means of  finding guilds, like a job fair, where guilds have a means of putting their mission statement and culture, philosophy, organizational structure out there. Perhaps there is, and I just don't know it. Finding a new guild so I can raid on my shaman seems incredibly daunting and perhaps unnecessary. (What would be a better option is to be allowed to stay in the guild you're in, but a beefed-up means of networking. Something in between a PUG and a Guild membership. I just don't know enough other players, and that takes time.)

The thing is I really like my guild. Most players seem to like me, too. The things I would change are not in my control, because it's not a democracy (boy, sure haven't had much luck with that one, eh Ancient Greece?), but if I could change something it would be there is a set ten-man raiding team, on a set schedule. If a player can't make it, there is a pool of players to choose from, and it's up to them to find an adequate substitute. But, I can see how that could become unwieldy and chaotic, too. This both puts less work and burden on the GM, and more: second-string players would need to go through some vetting process, and if they didn't perform well, then, there would be issues, I am sure.

The choices are mine to make: suck it up, and start PUGing raids? (Shudder...Too Hot) Get my healing skills up so I have more 'value' to the team? (Oh, no! OOM! OOM! Too Cold...) Or, just roll the dice with the other DPS'ers who don't have immunity (and believe me, this special brand of immunity is NOT an option for me: I'm not even sure what it means) and then go play alts when I lose the roll? (Ah, this porridge is JUST RIGHT.)

I do know that over a delicious bowl of green chili stew last night, I had some time to think about it. If I had to put a resume together for Mataoka, what would it say? "Beautiful, kind-hearted, witty enhancment shaman, takes directions well, prone to sensitivity over nerd-rage and trolls; high item level and dependability, seeking 10-man team to raid twice a week: pay for repairs. Have gems, will travel."

Or, as a young druid told me, just give everyone the middle finger and go collect pets.

Directed to this link by a friend last night - love me some data: (really, I do!)

Postscript: Went back and read this post, too: http://www.furlinedteacup.com/bibleofdreams/2009/02/10-things-you-should-know-about-raidingthat-your-gm-shouldnt-have-to-tell-you.html

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