Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dances with warlocks...

I have my own cut-scene fantasy for work, which entails when some act of treason or villainy occurs; next, I am standing on a table, brandishing Beatrix Kiddo kitanas, and cut through the bullsh*t and bloody red tape that is my current reality. Instead, my current spells include articulate and logical e-mails, at the cost of personal mana, spirit, and humor. It costs me lots and lots of humor. (But then I think about yellow jumpsuits and Japanese girl trio bands, and get happy again.)

Read Manalicious' retro-post about her experiences with tanks and healers, and I must say, it is great. When we find those who we feel most comfortable and safe with, when there is trust, nothing stops us. Nothing. Get one snake-in-the-grass, empire-building phony bologna bullsh*tter, then all is paradise-lost. But, again, this isn't about those pendejos. This is about appreciation to those players who have helped me level, and not just gear scores or character achievements, but who boost me up, make me laugh, and never miss a beat. You all range from the passing character in a PUG to longer-known friends. Gracias, amigas y amigos. Tell me to keep fighting the good fight, because my yellow jumpsuit is getting a bit faded and my kitanas dulled.

Manalicious: Of Tanks and Healers

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  1. Anonymous13.10.11

    I'm having a day where I could really use some of those folks myself. I'm glad you enjoyed the entry. <3


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