Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tiny Story Time: Rain

She removed her pauldrons and chest armor, and carefully hung them in the cedar wardrobe. The front of the fixture had been carved centuries ago, and its figurative depictions told a mysterious story. On the floor of piece, her box of letters stayed safe. One hand swiped her face, removing a mix of self-pitying tears and disappointment. This is what she wanted, wasn't it? Her wishy-washy niceness made her gag. Damn those squeaky wheels! She had hoped for better, honor among thieves. But what she got was shown to the door, while her embarrassed friends felt bad for her, they quickly shrugged it off and got into their evening without a backward glance.

The walk had done her some good: early fall rain and nightfall hid her doubts and she wrote her sister Zep in her mind, a mental draft, ready for the quill. She wanted to tell her to go to Azuremyst, that she had heard that Zep had not completed her exploration of their home country, and because of the quick, abrupt move to the Eastern Kingdoms, Zep had never truly had the chance to know who she was, or where she had come from. She would enclose some gold and embersilk in the letter, hoping that would entice her.

Flopping on the floor next to the box of letters in the closet, she reached in like pulling out a prize, and savored each one as a gift. She wore a soft shirt he made for her, and soft woolen leggings. The nostalgia for simpler times was warmly embraced. The tears steadied and didn't stop her from reading. Every word written was light as a laugh. The letters were evidence, that would hold up to any king's court of justice, that though she may not be lucky in cards or dice, she was lucky in friends and love.

Perhaps leaving the fight tonight was best after all.

Writer's Note: I was all set to go to Firelands tonight. I was the second one to sign up. Carved out my entire weekend so I could focus and play on a Sunday night, which is tough because it's well...right before Monday morning. But there was some confusion, and as a young druid told me, quite presciently that kind of thing happens in 10-mans all the time. For sure enough, other players crowded and jockeyed for position, and instead of deciding based on DPS scores or color of eyes, it became a random roll, and, of course, I lost. But I admit, I did volunteer first, but then quickly changed my mind and asked for a roll. I don't want to always sit at the kid table. I guess my biggest surprise came when the GM so quickly put so many of us on the chopping block, veterans and newer raiders alike. But perhaps my perspective is off. Oh well.


  1. Anonymous3.10.11

    senorita, como estas? are any monsters left in wow or you killed them all already? save me a spider si?hope you are doing great everyday miss.

  2. I saved the biggest, meanest araña in a jar, just for you. Except for missing hanging out with you in Azeroth, which is bad enough, I am doing great! I told the monsters to go take a coffee break until you can come back. They said their union rules required them to get doughnuts, too, so bring some on your way back, okay?


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