Saturday, October 1, 2011

Curb your consecration.

Daenys the Warrior on Bourbon Street
I don't like being the 'dumb one' sometimes. I really like knowing things, actually, or being growth-minded enough to look for answers. Occasionally, perhaps, I simply take advice without any research, and I need to find out for myself.

I was told by two respected paladins to stop using consecrate. The diminishing returns for its effectiveness do not outweigh its cost/benefit analysis of mana and damage. I moved it far, far away on the action bar, and have been focusing on other damaging tanking attributes.

Last evening, guildmate organized a few Zul runs. They went, well...okay. I still have a lot to learn, but my healer buddy said I did great, but still need some practice on J'in Do. (I had trouble keeping him just outside the bubble as I knew I was supposed to: how he kept getting in I am not sure. Think another player left a key under the mat. Blaming the mage on this one.) Guildmate very politely, (hard to read tone in party chat), says, "Um, Maty, I hate to [tell you what to do] but you really don't use consecrate enough." The response I give him is what the other paladins told me, (both long-standing members of the guild, trying to gain respect from him I guess), and his shocked reply was incredulous.

Azeroth is as dynamic as any environment. Change is constant. Keeping up with spell and skill changes is a challenge. Am I always going to be the last to know? Wonder when I'll get my geek on and say in Comic Book Guy voice, "Well, for your information, there were patch notes which you OBVIOUSLY didn't read, and you would have KNOWN about the .39% decrease in spell damage...."

To the collective WoW universe: I am putting the call out: whatever you know about using consecrate as a Protection Paladin would be most appreciated. I may be stepping in a pile of 'walked dog' on this one, but I would like your thoughts.

Going to this site for a dork like me is kind of like asking Uther himself for advice:

Maybe I just better start here:

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