Friday, October 14, 2011

On-Line Degrees in Sanitation Engineering.

Wrestling with the Trashman

Nod to all of the great video makers who inform us noobinousses about how to down bosses in raids. Your time and technical energy does not go unnoticed. I have been wanting to create machinima myself for some time, but haven't had the chance--I'll just keep writing my little stories, in the hope that people read them, enjoy them, and have fun casting their own characters in the roles. But the big, sweeping on-screen sagas are not what I need.

Was talking with young elite druid this morning about my Firelands' raid experiences last night. First of all -- it was a blast. I failed miserably again at running away from fiery tornadoes (oh, like you've never done that!) and wasn't quite clear on what to do on the trash bird, which leads me to my desire: I would LOVE videos that talk about the trash in instances. More trash has killed me or my comrades than the bosses, I would wager. No one talks about the trash: it's like some dirty little secret no one wants to admit. 

I have such tunnel vision sometimes in a raid--fighting fighting fighting and bam--we're wiping wiping wiping, and I don't even know what happened. This is where my GM should earn solid cash for his work: if I tap him on the whisper shoulder and ask, he will patiently explain some mechanic or step that I just don't see. I have told him many times he should start his own podcast (great voice, timing, and insight), so maybe if I keep nudging, he will. He could call it "Trash Talk." (Yes. I am copyrighting that, so back off.) This podcast would describe exactly what to do with the trash. 

Players may dismiss trash as no big deal, scoff at the notion that the trash is easy. But sometimes getting through the clutter is the hardest part.

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