Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drabble: Scarlet fever.


She felt no allegiances, save one: one sticky blood pact she had to honor, in life, and now in death. Selling her young soul to the witch, understanding nothing: who considers eternal consequences at the age of fifteen? Perhaps, perhaps. If, if. But the man was punished, and even in the afterlife, needed his head. Her father had destroyed all. All the man, (a boy really), did was love a lord’s daughter.

Dolorous expressions all around her: these she could not tolerate. Having failed at one impulsive choice her pragmatism took over. Her soul was broken, searching for replacement.

Señor, please don't be upset with me: I started an undead warlock. Her name is Escarlata, and her story is a sad one. She lost her toothbrush, can't find any deodorant, and hasn't quite figured out that she smells kind of...stinky.


  1. Anonymous6.10.11

    Rasta may have something to do with those "lost" items :D

  2. Anonymous6.10.11

    mmmmm you know what i mean

  3. Rasta has no business with an undead warlock's toothbrush - you don't know where that's been!! Wonder if they sell Scope in Tanaris?! (And yes, I did know what you meant!)

  4. Anonymous7.10.11

    where is your varita magica?? no la veo! no la veo! have fun >.<.... (let me know if you need my ayuda translating this very complicated message ok?) :D

  5. Varita magica? Por favor-- yes, I am going to put you to work, and not Google (Google is tired) and translate it, please! I saw that I had a blog visitor from Aquascalientes, MX yesterday--I wouldn't want to live in Hot Water. Think I got that one figured out!

    I think Blizz should call the warlock companions "chamucas" though, like the tequila. Stay tuned for more adventures: all I really want for Escarlata is her horse with fire-hooves. Can't wait!

  6. Okay, I couldn't wait, and had to look it up. That is actually the subject of my next post, whether or not I try to do this 'challenge' with Escarlata and not use any green items. She was rewarded a varita magica verde (?) yesterday or the day before. That was one reason I started a Horde character, to see what I could do on my own with no assitance. I did join a guild, and someone from the guild offered me a 100 gold to help (wasn't that sweet? Or maybe they just wanted me to not look like a bum...) but I refused, politely, because I'm trying to see how far I can drag Escarlata through levels on her own smarts. Mmm....we shall see.

  7. Anonymous7.10.11

    damn you are good!!! you got it! but i would feel better if you quit that diet you are on, it's not working!! :D

  8. Or is her diet working too well? Agreed, Escarlata needs some meat on her bones. Hard to keep weight on when your muscles drop off on the floor. This girl folds up like a paperclip when she jumps, and good posture is an issue. Guess most undead girls suffer from osteoporosis. Gonna go buy her some milk, and the part that doesn't slip through her rib cage may help her out. (Next, she'll work on that laugh of hers - right now she sounds like a mean bruja!)


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