Saturday, October 8, 2011

Point Break.

One of my favorite movies is Point Break. Any movie whose protagonist is named "Johnny Utah" can never go wrong or not satisfy. I loved it before its mention in Hot Fuzz. The naïve young hero, the selfish but charming antagonist, the pragmatic but optimistic love interest, damn - it just works. And seriously, Gary Busey? GARY BUSEY?! 

Attack of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Okay - random. I was thinking about this movie a few days ago, singing its praises in my mind on my drive home. (Safer than texting, thinking about Keanu Reeves, but not by much.) And then I had the thought about my compulsive need to finish or cap Valor Points. Get it? Point Break? Valor Points? Okay. You now have a small glimpse in how my brain works. Keep up. 

I get itchy frustrated when I am a hair's width away from some "thing" to help my gear. Last night went into Zul'Gurub with one of my guildmates, who is under the impression I can actually tank. And you know, I can. I went to AskMrRobot for a tune-up, and was doing okay. Our DPS group, not so hot, but we had patience. Or should I say my friend did. In fact, I don't think I've ever played with someone with so much patience. Or was it stubborness? He was going to get his shield off of Jin'Do, no matter what. 

Everything that could go know. 

Players who had never been there. Players with 4k DPS. Players who just could not pull it together, perhaps even me. I got so punch-drunk from dancing J'in's stinky troll trasero around the green bubble ring I was spitting chiclets and mumbling something about pretty ponies and poptarts. I even called in my expert partner-in-crime Kaylyne, who arrived on the scene like a breath of fresh hunter green air. But, I had a real life thing I had to attend to, and had to bail. Hey, after three or nine attempts, I lost count. Never did get my gdmfwtfaidhvp*'s for that run. I looked on the guild notes later and saw that yes, indeed, my friend did get his shield, no thanks to me. (Unsmiley face guilt eyes.)

So the day has been spent on two things: getting enough valor points for decent gauntlets and drafting Chapter 5 of the Paladin's Tale (coming soon to a blog near you). I am this close (holds up pointer and thumb, squeezing eyes) to those gdmfvp's, but I need 55 more to go. And I am out of Heroic Dungeons for this week. I have to do a Zul if I want them. PUG a raid? Surely you jest, and yes, I will quit calling you Shirley. 

Stupid Zuls.

*translation: something to the effect of snakes on a plane.

Theme song: Can't Stop/RHCP

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