Wednesday, October 12, 2011


One inescapable dynamic of a guild is the teasing. It dissolves  to this family dynamic, where everyone plays their roles, labels, that they had at the beginning. I have a reputation for accidentally pulling trash and getting lost. This is not wholly undeserved. I have accidentally pulled trash, and gotten lost. The short-cut to the spider boss is especially tricky, and last night I could not get my pixels to MOVE up the hill. I sit there, helplessly watching my mount not get any traction, and all I succeed in doing is annoying the GM. I have never fallen off the side, because I do not trust my pixels, and have always gotten a ride. I asked about four times for a ride, and resorted, like a temper tantrum, to asking in all caps, and got teased. I am pretty sure one of our tanks talks over me in Vent on purpose. That's okay. His southern twang is melodious and angelic.* In any case, many times I have been just standing around, filing my nails, and some trash comes careening up the path to our group. Not. My. Fault.

I have resigned myself to the fact that amongst my guildmates I am "Matty, The Trash Bringer and GPS Breaker," and will wear this title proudly, because just like in a family, if they've known you long enough to tease you, you're probably proven your worth, too. Maybe.

*But if he ever makes me think about Andrew the Hack Lloyd Weber ever again....

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