Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cheap date.

Going to change Morphemia's name to Liz.

Here is my noob dilemma: now that Blizz has changed the need/greed to suit one's dual-specs, how do I get what I need, roll the dice with everyone else, and not care that another player calls me a douche when I win?

A. Don't need on OS stuff unless asking permission first
B. Need on it, and drop group ASAP if I win
C. Start yelling at them when they need on it and it's not the spec they're currently playing
D. Get over it.
E. All of the above.
F. None of the above.

Rolling along nicely with Morphemia, level 76, mind you, who is both Frost/Blood, I needed on a ring at the end. It may not have been so bad, but I also rolled on a much better chest piece, too, and won that. (I hardly ever win anything.)

Now, at the beginning of the dungeon, the tank, (who is most put out with me right now, and felt it necessary to call me a feminine hygiene product), was complimented on his clever name, which was a derivation of "Natty" and "Ice." Skirting over to my ever-trusty Urban Dictionary, I discovered that this is a cheap beer with the sole intent of getting one trashed, and quickly. I am not sure why I feel guilty at all for needing on a chest piece and ring that goes with my specs. Is it because other players have politely asked beforehand? I never, ever care. I have never once said one word to anyone about that. If the dice show up, if you can roll 'em, roll 'em is my philosophy. All of this equipment will be naught anyway, well, the jewelry anyway, because you won't be able to see it when you transmorg.

The answer may be "F" and I'll tell you why: Twinking. Players, such as Master NattyIcee, may be trying to twink his paladin, and any player that interferes with his plan may be in for a much-deserved trashing. Natty, if that's the case, I'm sorry dude. I know you wish me well, really, and want me to go out there and be the best DK Blood Tank EVAH.

PS Does anyone know where I can get a jewelry cleaning kit? Gotta shine this rock up.

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