Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gracias por mi sombrero nuevo...


Oh, Señor Don Carlos...caught in a perpetual loop of time--you lose your hat to thugs, and then you send others to go retrieve it and paradoxically? ironically? coincidentally? and they end up killing you again...and again.

And again.

But they do get your hat back. And you are such a caballero dulce, you give it away again.

I am taking my third goofy chica through the Molten Front dailies.* I. Do. Not. Know. Why. Oh wait, I do: the unintended consequences of leveling such different alts means that what is good for the goose (Mataoka) is not good for the gander (all the others). The vendors for the new Cata factions all have something different for each character--this one has the shoulder enchant, while that one has the head. This one sells a great necklace, but that one has a relic. We US citizens already figured out how not to boutique shop, how to kill the mom-n-pop stores while creating the big warehouse stores that sell everything from tires to toothbrushes, salmon to soda pop. But that's even more boring than my 956 Mt. Hyjal protector kill. And, I am compelled to obey our lovable robot overlord, Mr. Robot - if he says I need this for that, then I'd better get busy and get it.

But here's the thing: in spite of a blinding headache this morning (I am sure it was too much Halloween candy/chocolate--treats do have their tricks--) I am smiling ear-to-ear. I am as loop-able as a vinyl record, but it bears repeating: hanging out with the people you care about makes everything better. I know a few caballero dulces in both worlds, virtual and real, and to you, a tip o'the hat, gentlemen.

You really need to read The Oatmeal's clear explanation of 'irony.'

Theme song: Ratt/Round and Round (MILTON BERLE?!?! You know what they said about him, don't you?)

*(Technically, it's the fourth one, but that hunter...dios mio...her survivability is pretty shoddy.)

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  1. Mr. Robot was tipped off about your blog post. He's ecstatic that you find him loveable. Carry on, you will be saved from the pending Robot Apocaplyse.


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