Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dialect coach.

Okay - so this is a funny coincidence. Last night in guild Vent, I detected an accent that is very uncommon, from the area in question from my barfing beer mug story-- and sure enough, this guildmate has been to that pub many times, and was from that area. I know my accents, at least US ones. 

According to a PBS story, researchers detect or classify the US dialects from three to twenty-four. Three? No way. There are probably twenty-four distinct dialects in the state of Texas alone. And does this count immigrants, and their interpretation of English? And heaven knows I am such a hybrid, having lived from coast-to-coast and everywhere in between, I think any accent has been washed away to generic "woman voice #3.A/456." I know sometimes I've laughed too loud, or asked someone to repeat themselves (can't hear them over the awesomeness), and sometimes my mic has been screwy. I can mumble sometimes, and have been accused of forgetting that there are vowels in the world (Hawaiian and Samoan names are tough ones for me).

In any case, if you get me on Vent, I'll try to be polite. But mostly I'm just listening for you to tell me when to Hero. Unless of course, like last night, the dungeon leader allowed me to think for myself.

Heard that loud and clear.

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