Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Draenei:

Recently Guarf sent me this forum link:

Guarf hasn't been around much lately: lots of work, work, work. Doesn't he know dwarfs need time off, too?

In any case, I'm glad he sent me that link. Recently I was thinking about the subtle cultural shifts in our shared virtual world. Perhaps it was because of Facebook silliness I read recently. I know, I know - don't get political. But whom we associate ourselves with is an interesting thing to think about, in my opinion. I could play girl reporter and ask my WoW friends, "Why did you choose the character you did, why that face, that race, that hair color?" We can only do so much to ourselves in real life, and aging is inevitable, (better than the alternative as my dad and Guarf say), so why do we spend any of our short lives living virtually and vicariously?

Well, alter egos sure are fun. And, if I was just a solo player, going out and killing pixels only, that would be so sad and boring. I found myself in quite a funk when one of my best player friends was gone for a while, and though I miss another player friend, have every confidence that he is doing great. I don't want to neglect my real life friends, though, or family. Never--they always come first.

But to those of you who have me as your own little draenei as your friend in Azeroth, cheers to you!

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