Friday, November 25, 2011

My my my my Garona...

So, not sure where I picked this quest up, and it took the spell power of Google to look it up*, but Rökkr received this lost libary book, and has been charged to return it tout suite. Now on this fine holiday weekend, there are Fridays to blacken and garages to purge, yet now I am compelled to go forth and figure this out:

Quest: Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery
It can be difficult to find the library, which can actually be accessed from either Dire Maul North or Dire Maul West. The simplest way is through Dire Maul North. After you enter the instance, go down the first ramp into the pit (full of ogres and dogs). To the left in the pit is a locked door which requires [Crescent Key] or 300 lockpicking. Through this door is a long hallway which leads into the Aethenaeum library (actually part of Dire Maul West). As you enter the library, Kildrath will be to the left (south), muttering about other lost books.
And apparently I will need a key:

Librarians are a tough crowd, so I'd better get this book back before the fines add up and deplete the guild bank. I'm sure Rökkr will stealth and put it in the night drop box without anyone being the wiser.

*Saw a Neil Gaiman tweet the other day that said something to the effect, "Google may give you millions of answers, but a librarian will give you the right one." Amen, Sir Gaiman.

Theme song: Sam Cooke/Wonderful World

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