Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Matty: Cut Loose

Look at those scores...going to be un-adopted soon.
Dear Matty:
I am at my wit's end. Our fail raiding group just can't get it together for the last boss of Firelands. It's shameful, embarrassing, and has nearly put our GM over the edge. Can't say I blame him either. It's like we have a team of ten talented turds. He has threatened us more than once that he's going to find nine new players who won't be such failures at such a simple raiding scenario. I could hear the frustration in his voice in Ventrilo, truly venting vexations in vent. 

The thing is, I reallly want to do well and help him and our whole raiding team be successful. I do what I can, make sure I am ready, have watched the videos, suggest strategies, and try to play my best, but it's just not enough. Everyone makes mistakes, but at some point, enough is enough. I think we all miss one of our best players who left us to raid with another guild, but no one dares speak his name. I imagine this scene where he's become a free agent, and we're all left sitting in the smelly locker room with jock itch. Should I recuse myself so he can replace me with a better player? It kind of feels like a family now--that when we are successful, (and I really thought last night was going to be the night), will the celebration be sweeter, or more bitter because it took us so shamefully longer than other guilds? If he does replace us, how will I feel when they "win?" 

So, Matty -- what do I do? Keep showing up and trying, or let my GM know I don't blame him if he finds a replacement? 

One-tenth Turd

Dear One-Tenth;
I think you know what the answer is--just be honest. Let your GM know your concerns, what you're willing to do to try, and move on from there. You can't control what nine other people do. Sometimes the synergy within a group dynamic loses its spark; perhaps, when your guildmate left, it left more of a vacuum of talent than any one has had time to really adjust to yet. This may sound melodramatic, but with every change, there is a small grieving time. It is my belief that a lot of stress comes from not recognizing when we're angry or upset and letting it drag everyone else down.

Another factor may be, well, you just may be "fail," indeed. Raiding requires a certain level of play skill which you may not have, no matter how much you practice. If you hit the wrong button at the same time another player hits the right button, you may all go down from  DEFCON 1 (ready to fight and win) to 4 (peacetime derping) in a blink of a pixel. Quit failing, in other words. You're not an army of one. Your teammates will not cheer you when you do well, but as human nature dictates, may tend to jeer you when you mess up. As they should. Maybe go watch a sports movie, such as "Remember the Titans" or the Stanley's Cup episode from South Park. That should inspire you to be a better team player. Go get 'em, tiger.


Theme song: Baseball/Hockey Organ "Charge" rift

Shut up, Turd.

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