Friday, November 18, 2011

(Pass the popcorn...)

I know you have all seen this a million times (Mataoka "Hyperbole" Shaman) -- but, oh I love this:

WoW Class Intro HD
Mages make this look goooood.....

What do I love about it so much? Well-- it really shows what I imagine characters to look like. When I play, it's not overly armatured and saturated hues walking through fire and vapors, but grit, dirt, blood, and snow: this film is beautiful. Twelve million players must have thought so too.

Here is my vision of the future of gaming: the 3D game engines that bring us these beautiful worlds are going to continue to evolve. I see game play being real-time cinematic play.

I must admit, because I do love those draenei girls so, I wish there was an animation of draenei females at this level of articulation: Burning Crusade WoW Cinematic. I think, yes, indeed, we are ready for that.

Arthas, Atonement with the Father, and lots of coolness

Warning: Be very, very careful on some of the WoW Youtube Links. Apparently, there is a troll out there named "Rick" and he will roll you.

Waiting for the sequel. I'll buy the popcorn if you buy me a Dr. Pepper. (Diet, please, want to make sure I fit in my gear.)

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