Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dragon breath mints.

Morphemia, although not cured of her hemophilia, she is learning to live with it. Close to level 78, this beautiful Death Knight is one frosty chick. And although most of her spells make me think that someone left the freezer door open, or it's time to mix a martini, her fighting style is a thing of beauty.

I still have a lot to learn about this complicated class, but have always really liked the idea of a 'hero' class.

One idea I have is a hero class of dragon girls...why should Ysera have all the fun? Imagine a new class of dragon-oids running around in skimpy costumes by day, and rock-hard scales and claws in a fight?

Come on, Blizz...whaddya say? I know panda bears will be all the rage, but...but...but...

....dragons. It could work.




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